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Roll-Up Banner

WebCruiseIct is a one-shop IT company who also specialize in the design,print and installation of retractable flex roll up banners.

Roll Up Banner Stands, also known as Roller Banners or Pull Up Banners, are an important resource for any Busness owner, exhibitor looking to stand out anywhere including at an exhibition or trade show. They can also be used to make a big impact in your shop or place of business as a great addition to your point of sale material.roll-up-banner-600x600
Getting the right design and information on your banner stand is so important when it comes to generating an impact. It is a way of promoting your brand and product or services to a captive audience.

We provide customers and clients with a quick,easy and convenient source for bespoke high quality retractable roll up flex banners & display
stands suitable for the following purposes.





  • Exhibitions & Trade Fairs
    • Seminars & Conference
      Album or Book Launch
      Events & Ceremonies ( Weddings, Birthdays, Burials & Thanksgiving)
      Retail Marketing & Promotions
      Corporate Functions
      Church BannersWe provide complete flex solutions which comprises of concept design, print,installation and even delivery of your desired roll up flex banners & display stands at an introductory price of :
      N21,500 for Design + Print + Installation+Slim Base Stands
      N27,500 for Design + Print +Installation+ Flat Base Stands
      A good roller banner will get you noticed and deliver the right message if designed effectively.Below are benefits of Roll Up Banner:benefits

      Highly visible, pull-up banners are often used for presentations, trade shows, exhibitions, and at shopping malls. Placing the roll-up stand just outside a retail store will help to attract attention when having a sale or a special promotion. The same principle applies at a trade show or exhibition.

      One of the most important features of pull-up banners is their portability allowing for ease of movement when open and for carrying when closed and in their carry cases. The recoil system makes it possible to easily set-up the stand, take it down, store it and carry it. It is because of the recoil system that the banner can stay in perfect condition even when stored for a long time. The cartridge protects the banner against dust, direct light, and moisture.

      Pull-up banners have become the most popular display stands at trade shows because there are no additional labour required to set them up. It is also more economical to use a roll-up than for instance, a wall unit. The most effective displays are those set-ups at eye level and with roll-ups you can attain just that.

      Using Pull Up Banners to market your brand, services and products is an excellent way to draw attention quickly and concisely in any promotional area. From office branding and displays to events, display homes and more. You can use pull-up banners for product display or company branding.

      The pull-up banners are lightweight and roll down to a compact package making them an easy banner display option. The retractable banner system means they are easy to pull up and put down in seconds. When rolled up the banner is protected from dirt, dust, UV light and moisture inside the aluminium casing.

      Pull up banners are the popular choice for trade shows and displays as they required very little labour or time to erect and then roll up when finished. The pull-up’s are a very cost effective and quite inexpensive form of advertising and promotion.
      If you are interested in having a roll up banner today Call: +234 (0)8164023983, +234(0)8023077706 now